You can configure the driver email and Hours of Service settings of the in-cab devices in your fleet.

Driver settings, along with descriptions of them, and guidelines for how to enter a value for each setting, are listed in the tables below. 

Initially, all drivers are assigned to the Default group.

Your Portal account initially assigns all drivers to the Default Driver Settings group.

Configuration using the Web Portal

Adding New Group:

  1. Click “Add Group”
  2. Type in the name of the group in the “Name” field
  3. Choose the proper settings you would like to use for this group.
  4. Click “Save”

Copying Settings from an existing group settings:

  1. Select the group settings name from which you would like to copy the settings by clicking the corresponding name.
  2. Click “Copy.”
  3. Make any edits to the group as desired.
  4. Click “Save.”

Synchronizing Changes with Devices

Editing and saving the group will push the changes to the device.

General Settings


 Name used to identify this driver settings group 

Mail Settings

Allow Driver Email

 Allows the driver to send personal emails from the Truck-PC 

Allow Driver Email Attachments

 Allows the driver to receive attachments from non-FleetWatcher sources on the Device, with the maximum size of a file being 2mb. 

Default Email Priority

 Communication priority allowed for personal driver emails 

Default Email Attachments Priority

 Communication priority allowed for personal driver emails WITH attachments 

Daily Email Limit

The number of driver emails allowed per day.

Value must be a number between 0 and 500. 

Hours of Service Settings

Service Cycle

HOS Rule Set to be used when the Driver is logged onto the Truck-PC. 

Certification Reminder

An alert will be given on the Truck-PC to remind the driver to certify HOS logs if there are uncertified days. 

Disable Un-Certification

Prevents the driver from uncertifiying an HOS log once it has been certified. Applies only to EOBR v6.07+. 

Disable Editing

Prevents the driver from editing an HOS status once it has been created. 

Allow Personal Conveyance

Allows the driver to place the Truck-PC in personal conveyance mode to drive while maintaining an off-duty status. 

Minimum Off-Duty Minutes

Prevents the driver from entering an off-duty status less than the specified amount of time.

Value is in minutes and must be between 0 and 120.

Set to 0 to allow off-duty statuses of any length. 

Enable and set PreTrip Minimum Minutes

Disable PreTrip Violation = 0
Enable PreTrip Violation and require Driver to be in PreTrip = 1 or higher

Prevents the driver from entering a pre-trip status less than the specified amount of time.

If the value is greater than 0 the driver is required to have a pre-trip before beginning their day.

Value is in minutes and must be between 0 and 60.

Set value to 0 to allow driver to begin the day without a pre-trip. 

This setting requires ELD v6.04+

Minimum Drive Miles

Sets the number of miles the vehicle must move before automatically placing the driver in a driving status.

Once the mileage threshold is met, the driving status is updated to represent the time and miles from the beginning of movement.

Value is in miles and must be between 0.1 and 3. 

Logoff Status

When a driver logs-out of the Truck-PC while On-Duty, they will be presented with a prompt allowing them to remain On-Duty or select another HOS status prior to completing log-out.

No prompt will be displayed if 'No Prompt' is selected.

Disable 16-Hour Rule

Disables use of the 16-Hour exception on the Truck-PC. 

Driver Lockout Seconds

The amount of time a driver must wait once they have stopped driving before they can change their status manually. If no status has been selected before 5 minutes, the system automatically puts the driver in On-Duty. Value is in seconds and must be between 10 and 1200. 

Max Personal Conveyance Miles

Sets the maximum number of miles the vehicle/driver can driver while in Personal Conveyance. This value is ignored when the driver is in Canada and then it is set to 46 miles which is roughly 75 KM which is the limit in Canada.
Value is in miles and must be between 0 and 200.
Set value to 0 to disable this limit.

Operational Exemption

HOS exemptions related to specific qualified operations. Available to qualifying drivers. 

Disable Manual Driving

Disables use of the Manual Driving HOS status on the Truck-PC. 

Disable Mandatory Break

Disables the requirement of using the Mandatory Break on the Truck-PC. 

Disable Reject Total Reset

Disables the ability of the Driver to Reject the Total Reset (i.e. 34hr Reject, etc.) on the Device. 

Allow Short Haul

Enabling Short-Haul currently provides quick, time-card like, entry of On and Off Duty status when the Driver is maintaining their log via the Driver Portal.

When Enabled, the ELD will suppress violations as long as the Vehicle is not moved outside of 150 air-miles of the Vehicles Location at the time of the first BeginShift when the Driver selects "Short Haul" after a 10 or 34hour reset. IF the Vehicle is moved further than 150 air-miles the ELD will automatically switch to enforcing Full ELD Rules, as per the assigned DriverGroup configured Hos Rule Set, and prevent the Driver from selecting "Short Haul" during BeginShift until after a 34hr reset has been accomplished.

Disable Split Reset

Disables the Sleeper Birth with Off Duty split reset.

Allow Off-Duty Edits

Enables Off-Duty Editing.

Allow Yard Moves

Enable Yard Move driving.

Max Yard Move Miles

Sets the maximum number of miles the vehicle/driver can drive while in Yard Move driving.
Value is in miles and must be between 0 and 200.
Set value to 0 to disable this limit.

Max Yard Speed

Sets the maximum speed the vehicle/driver can drive while in Yard Move driving.
Value is in MPH and must be 0 or 20.
Set value to 0 to disable this limit.

Enable ELD Mode

Enables newer FMCSA Regulation Logic for an ELD.

Enable Emergency Declaration

Allows the driver to state that they are performing work during a State or Federally declared emergency. See Emergency Declaration for more detail

Remaining On Duty Before End of Shift Question

Set how many hours of on duty time the driver has remaining before prompting the 'Is End-of-Shift Question?'.
Value is in hours and must be between 0 and 10.
Set value to 0 to disable.

Enable 20 Mph Max Yard Speed

This will enable automatic transition from YARD MOVE to DRIVING when the Vehicle exceeds 20MPH