The guides below provide Vehicle specific installation guides for the Truck PC, TND and HD devices

Puck Antenna Installation Guide for various manufacturers

MakeModelYearsDeviceDocument Download

Truck PC

2013-Newer Freightliner Cascadia Truck PC 01 Hydra cable install guide.pdf

Freightliner Cascadia 2013-Newer TND2013-Newer Freightliner Cascadia TND 02 Hydra cable install doc.pdf
Freightliner Cascadia  2013-Newer HD 1002013-newer Freightliner Cascadia HD 100 03 Hydra cable install guide.pdf
Freightliner Cascadia 2009-2012 Truck PC2009-12Freightliner Cascadia Truck PC Hydra Cable 04 install doc.pdf
Freightliner Cascadia 2009-2012 TND2009-12Freightliner Cascadia TND Hydra Cable 05 install doc.pdf
Freightliner Cascadia 2009-2012 HD 1002009-12Freightliner Cascadia HD 100 Hydra Cable 06 install doc.pdf
FreightlinerCoronado2009-2013Truck PC2009-2013 Freightliner Coronado TPC 07 install guide.pdf
FreightlinerCoronado2009-2013TND2009-2013 Freightliner Coronado TND 08 install guide.pdf
FreightlinerCoronado2009-2013HD 1002009-2013 Freightliner Coronado HD 100 09 install guide.pdf
VolvoVNL 603/6702000-2013Truck PCVolvo Truck PC Hydra cable 10 installation guide.pdf


VNL 603/6702000-2013TNDVolvo TND Hydra cable 11 installation guide.pdf
VolvoVNL 603/6702000-2013HD 100Volvo HD 100 Hydra cable 12 installation guide.pdf
MackCXU 6132012-2013Truck PCMack Truck PC Hydra cable 13 install 2013-2014.pdf
MackCXU 6132012-2013TNDMack Truck TND Hydra cable 14 install guide.pdf
MackCXU 6132012-2013HD 100

Mack Truck HD 100 Hydra cable 15 install guide.pdf

KenworthT-6602012-NewerTruck PC2012-Newer Kenworth T-660 TPC 22 Hydra cable install guide.pdf
KenworthT-6602012-NewerTND2012-Newer Kenworth T-660 TND 23 Hydra cable install guide.pdf
KenworthT-6602012-NewerHD 1002012-Newer Kenworth T-660 HD 100 24 Hydra cable install guide
KenworthT-6802012-2013Truck PC2012-2013 Kenworth T-680 Truck PC 16 installation guide
KenworthT-6802012-2013TND2012-2013 Kenworth T-680 TND 17 installation guide
KenworthT-6802012-2013HD 1002012-2013 Kenworth T-680 HD 100 18 installation guide.pdf
Peterbilt5792012-2013Truck PC2012-2013 Peterbilt 579 Truck PC 19 installation Guide.pdf
Peterbilt5792012-2013TND2012-2013 Peterbilt 579 TND 20 installation guide.pdf
5792012-2013HD 1002012-2013 Peterbilt 579 HD100 21 installation guide.pdf