The Export Log feature enables you to download a PDF, email or fax logs of a specified driver.

You may Export Logs up to 6 months ago for any given Driver. You may also choose to create and send a Standard Output File to FMCSA for any ELD logs found.

  1. Select where you want the Log PDF exported to: [download][email] or [fax]
    1. Enter the email or fax number if applicable.
  2. Select [Send ELD Logs to FMCSA] if you want to also generate a Standard Output File and deliver it to FMCSA
    1. Select [... as Test] to flag the Standard Output File as a Test so FMCSA will prevent forwarding the data onto Enforcement
  3. Select [Export] to execute the request

The driver's logs from the selected time interval will then be provided in an download or sent the desired destination.
If you requested to [Send ELD Logs to FMCSA] the results will be archived and accessible via the  Enforcement Request History page

NOTE: this capability is also available on the Log Details Admin Tab which provides the ability to review the log(s) before exporting.