Providing detail about a Load within a Load Offer is standard practice but what is also important is to ensure that the specific load detail which the driver either accepts or rejects is very important for both payroll and conflict resolution.

The following describes how to create Forms / Macros which will both provide detail to the driver about a new load offer, as well as, capture the detail of what the driver accepted or rejected

Refer to the Forms and Macros configuration documentation for more detail

Step-by-step guide

Using a combination of Auto-Fill Variables and Reply Form you can facilitate providing the Driver with the Load Offer detail in an Outbound Form and include that Load Detail in the drivers Accept/Reject Inbound form:

  1. Create a “Load Offer” Outbound form containing the details for the load:
    1. For each field you want send back with the Drivers accept/reject - Set the field to be ‘stored’ via Auto-Fill Variable @ sign.
      Example: “Load Number” T(20)[@1]
  2. Create an “Accept/Reject Load Offer” Inbound form:
    1. A new Mandatory List Field for to capture the drivers acceptance or rejection of the load
      Example: “Accept this Load?” <L(“”,”Yes”,”No”)>
    2. The desired field(s) which will be populated with data from the Outbound form Auto-Fill Variable # sign for capturing detail of what the driver has accepted / rejected. We would also recommend that these fields are ReadOnly as well so the Driver cannot manipulate them.
      Example “Load Number” {T(20)[#1]}
  3. Edit the “Load Offer” Outbound form to add a Auto-Reply button
    1. If the new “Accept/Reject” form was saved with DTFormNr=23 then: [R=23]



Workflow Inegration supports sending Pre-Populated Inbound forms to an ELD which greatly simplifies this process - Contact us for more information