Below is a summary of highlights for each major release - click on the release heading for more detail


WEB v6.00 - 02/14/2019


    • 6.00.02 - Mapbox Location Dialogs enhanced to add Clickable title bar to allow 'copy' of Lat/Lon AND a route control to allow for rapid estimates to a particular destination
    • 6.00.03 - Corrects issue with HOS Log Detail Map not rendering route when using Bing
    • 6.00.04 - Corrects issue where Export buttons would not appear on some pages in Chrome
    • 6.00.06 - Corrects issue Preventing Edit of DVIR Records
    • 6.00.07 - Corrects issue Creating or Copying Settings.Company

  • NOTICE: Settings Operational Authority :: "interstate" label was incorrect and has been changed to "Intrastate"
    • Any value you set has not been affected, only the label on the field.

  • NEW: Mapping engine supporting:
    • Landmark/Geofence Administration
      • Geofence entry/duration/exit detection is accomplished ON THE ELD instead of the backend for near-real-time event updates.
    • Fuel Station locations
    • Multiple Vehicle Event Histories can be Displayed
      • Many option added to the Event Search
    • ... and so much more is described in the documentation

  • NEW: Landmark/Geofence Events report:
  • NEW: HOS Log cycle options:
    • Alaska 7 Day
    • Alaska 8 Day
    • Short Haul 100 mile 7 Day

    • Short Haul 100 mile 8 Day

    • Short Haul 150 mile 7 Day
    • Short Haul 150 mile 8 Day

  • NEW: Ability to password protect Deceleration Video files

  • IMPROVED: HOS Log Submission to FMCSA:
    • Send to FMCSA processing enhanced to mark response with only Error being "File Received" as Valid instead of Information

  • IMPROVED: Events and Position data to include:
    • Trailer Hook/Drop either via brake system or DT Trailer Bridge
    • Geofence Entry/Alert/Exit Summary

  • IMPROVED: Vehicle Inspection photos take with the Mobile App are visible in the Portal and included in the PDF Export


WEB v5.00 - 05/17/2018

WEB v4.40 - 12/02/2018

  • HOS Roadside Audit - Provides additional detail on display for quick review by Driver and Officer
    • Driving = All time spent on line 3 (Driving) totaled for the current 24 hour day. (This should match the graph grid total for the current day)
    • On-duty = Any time counted toward the 14hr rule. (not reset following a 10hr break)
    • Miles = Miles traveled for the current 24 hour day. (This should match the total miles found on the Trip tab of the current day)
    • 7 day = Total of all On-duty (includes driving) over the last 7 days including today. (Off-duty and SB time is excluded and a 34 hour reset will reset the total to 0)
    • 8 day = Total of all On-duty (includes driving) over the last 8 days including today. (Off-duty and SB time is excluded and a 34 hour reset will reset the total to 0)
  • HOS Logs - Allow Drivers to edit Status Type or Remark at "End Of Shift" or "Beginning of Shift" periods
  • PDF Export - 200-1500% Performance increase by working around a Microsoft dug/defect which enables us to generate the PDF exports must faster:
    • HOS Logs
    • HOS Time and Mileage
    • HOS Counseling Letter
    • HOS Time and Mileage
    • Deceleration
    • Vehicle Inspection
    • ...etc
  • Deceleration - Now provides detail about Stability events which may have caused the Deceleration
    • YAW Control via Braking
    • YAW Control via Engine
    • Roll Over Protection via Braking
    • Roll Over Protection via Engine
  • High Resolution Positions - Now provides a Map view of the Drivers Route
  • Mail Messages - Provides detail for Requested and Actual Transport used
  • Vehicle/Driver Info - New "Request EODR" button to facilitate getting all current data from an ELD prior to removal or Driver vacation (prevent data 'loss')
  • Notification to Driver if the Parking Brake is on and the Vehicle begins to move
  • State Line Crossing Events - Now sent in real-time. These events were previously determined at the end of a Trip which would occur some time after the Vehicle crossed a State Line
  • Vehicle Settings - You may now set the 'minimum wifi upload wait' period to as low as 1 minute
  • Vehicle Inspection Reporting - Now available to Non-HOS users by allowing manual entry of Trailers within DVIR
  • FWAPI Data Service - GetInboundMessages expanded to provide Vehicle Context on the following event types (requires ELD v5.48+)
    • Speeding - Posted Limit
    • Speeding - Fuel Economy
    • Speeding - Fleet Limit
    • Over Idle
    • Over RPM
    • Over Throttle
    • Deceleration / Hard Breaking
    • State Line Crossing

WEB v4.20 

    • HOS - Schedule Off Duty:
      • Drivers are now able to Schedule Off Duty by entering logs in the future via the Driver Portal.
        Also, both Drivers and Managers can view the future logs via the Log Overview.
        - Check out the Log Overview - Schedule Off Duty
    • HOS - Log Overview now provides notification when a required 30 minute break was taken
      • Recording if a 30minute break was taken can be useful for payroll when Drivers page is based upon being OnDuty because the 30min break is an OffDuty status
    • HOS - Now supports two additional rule sets:
      • TX Intrastate with Oil Field Exemption
      • CA Passenger Carrying Exemption
    • HOS - ELD now provides a 'wizard' for Drivers maintenance of their Circle Of Service
    • HOS - Co-Drivers are now allowed to review their HOS Status while the Vehicle is in motion
    • Wifi Connection is being kept open to prevent disconnects

ELD v5.42

  • Hours of Service / Circle of Service Integration

WEB v4.00 - 02/02/2015

    • New Documentation Framework:
      Weve implemented a new documentation framework which is linked to each page in the site via a small ? icon following each page title. This new framework will allow us to rapidly add and update high quality documentation.
      - Check out the Documentation Landing Page
    • Multiple Operating Authority (MOA):
      Allows for tracking of Carrier changes on each Hos Log and Authority assignment of Fuel and Mileage. MOA can be configured by Terminal (hierarchy) and/or by Authority Group (ad hoc)
      - Check out the Multiple Operating Authority documentation

    • Hierarchical Reporting Groups:
      The new ‘go to’ for organizing your divisions into Companies with Terminals having Vehicles and Drivers - you no longer need to manually maintain group members as they are tracked automatically!
      - Check out the Hierarchical Reporting Group documentation

    • Hierarchical Administration:
      Provides ability to allow delegation of authorization to lower level hierarchy members via Manager Roles
      - Check out the Manager Roles documentation

    • Driver Portal:
      Provides access to specific pages needed by a Driver and each page is restricted to displaying records only for that Driver
      - Check out the Driver Portal documentation

    • Settings -> Manager Roles:
      Added ability for editing only the Authority of a Terminal - to be used in conjunction with Hierarchal Manager Roles

    • Reports -> Fuel Purchases:
      Allows recording detail of Fuel Purchases so data is available in conjunction with Fuel and Mileage when reporting Fuel Tax

    • Reports -> Manual Mileage:
      Allows recording of Mileage or Fuel for: Backfilling, when device was malfunction, making adjustments to the data sent by the device, etc

    • Reports -> State Mileage:
      Now includes Operational Authority Code detail and additional grouping options based upon Authority - very useful for those utilizing MOA

    • Reports -> Trip Detail:
      Now includes Operational Authority Code detail on each Trip record and ability to search records by Authority code - very useful for those utilizing MOA

    • Reports -> Rapid Deceleration:
      Now includes Vehicle VIN

    • Reports -> Events and Positions:
      Now provides Start/Stop vehicle events

    • Compliance -> HOS Logs:
      Now includes list of Carriers driver used during the day if more than one carrier was utilized

    • Management -> Vehicles:
      Provides detail of current VIN from the vehicles JBus including ability to override the VIN value

And MUCH MORE!! See the Improvements sections in both FleetWatcher and Device specific release notes and The New Documentation

ELD v5.40 - 01/10/2015

  • Multiple Operating Authority

  • 34hr rule change