How-to Review and Certify your DVIR

Step-by-step guide

  1. Touch "HOS" button
  2. Touch the Options tab, then touch DVIR
  3. Touch the "DVIR" you would like to review
    1. While going through the On-Duty status, if you click "Yes" to review the DVIR, you will be taken to this screen. 
  4. Touch <Select repair status>
  5. Situations will vary. Touch No Repairs Needed or Repairs Made. For this example,we'll select Repairs Made
  6. Touch Certify
  7. Touch Yes
  8. The defect section will change to "Repairs Made". Under the vehicle review, touch Certify, then touch Yes.

  9. The green check mark indicates that this DVIR has been reviewed, certified, and the reason the DVIR was created is no longer an issue.

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