The Administration feature allows you to create and edit information regarding your fleet managers. This includes specifying what level of editing and viewing abilities you would like each manager to have.

  • If you are a carrier, you can give access to your safety managers, dispatchers, and other administrators.
  • If you are an owner operator, you may want to add your spouse or your team driver as a manager so you can use the web portal to communicate and locate one another, as well as generate reports for compliance purposes.


Managers formal Name

Username and Password

  • If using FleetWatcher Directly:
    Value manager will use to Logon to the Web Portal
  • If using Rand Connect
    Value used for linking authentication - read only

Manager Authorization

Managers are provided authorization for the content they may access or manipulate via their assigned Manager Role


The managers desired Timezone which all dateTime values will be representative of EXCEPT for HOS which is provided in each specific Drivers Timezone (based upon Terminal Groups driver is assigned)

Hierarchy Group

The managers assigned place within the organizations hierarchy. This value is applied only when Hierarchical Groups are enabled. See Reporting Groups document for more information

Manager Alerts

The Manager Alerts configured on the Managers page (as opposed to Global Email Alerts) will filter alerts to only those received from Drivers and Vehicles which are under the Mangers Hierarchy or Reporting Group
These alerts are configured on a per-manager basis and accessible by clicking the [+] sign to the left of each managers record

Daylight Savings

Use daylight savings or not.


Email address used to receive alerts.