You can create various groups of managers and assign them specific access to editing capabilities and access to information within the portal.  Use this feature to create different groups for fleet managers, safety managers, dispatchers, and more.

Configuration of Manager Roles

Coordinating Hierarchical Reporting Groups with Manager Roles

You can leverage your Hierarchical strategy to support delegation of managing Manager accounts.
For example: A Company Manager may be authorized to create and edit accounts for other Managers of that same Company or its assigned Terminals - you are 'delegating' that authority to said Manager while a the same time limit their delegation rights to their assignment within the Hierarchy.

The following table illustrates pairing of Roles to Levels within your Hierarchy (i.e. All -> Company -> Terminal)

This facilitates the ability to create Managers who are allowed to administer other Managers at their same Hierarchy Level without providing said Managers full administration rights.

For Example: As an Organization with Two Companies I will setup two Managers: One for Company A assigned to Role "Company Supervisor"
and one for Company B also assigned to role "Company Supervisor".
Then, each Company Supervisor would then be able to Create and Edit other Managers at their Company of the Companies Terminals.

Role Name

Hierarchy Level




Hos Logs




by Terminal


Fuel and
Mileage Edit


Organization SupervisorAllXXXXXXXXXX 
Organization ManagerAllXXX----XXX 
Company - SupervisorCompanyXXXX--XXXX 
Company - Compliance ManagerCompany---X----XX 
Company - ManagerCompanyXX-------- 
Terminal - SupervisorTerminalXXXX--XX-- 
Terminal - Compliance ManagerTerminal---X----XX 
Terminal - ManagerTerminalXX-X------ 
Terminal - DispatcherTerminal---------- 
etc ....            



Name used to identify this manager role. 

Hierarchy Level

The level within the Hierarchy which this role is assignable from. Provides ability to restrict which Roles can be assigned by a Managed based upon that Managers level within the hierarchy.
See table above.

Edit Drivers

Allows manager to edit driver information in FleetWatcher. 

Edit Vehicles

Allows manager to edit vehicle information in FleetWatcher. 

Edit Managers

Allows manager to edit manager information in FleetWatcher. 

Edit Forms

Allows manager to edit form definitions in FleetWatcher.

Not recommended for Roles assigned to Hierarchy Level of Company or Terminal 

Edit HOS Logs

Allows manager to edit hours of service logs in FleetWatcher. 

Download DTScan Files

Allows manager to download DTScan files from FleetWatcher to their computer. 

Allows manager to edit reporting groups in FleetWatcher.

Not recommended for Roles assigned to Hierarchy Level of Company or Terminal

Edit Settings

Allows manager to edit settings values and members in FleetWatcher.

Not recommended for Roles assigned to Hierarchy Level of Company or Terminal 

Allow Re-Register TruckPC

Allows manager to be able to send Re-Register request(s) to TruckPC in FleetWatcher.

Not recommended for Roles assigned to Hierarchy Level of Company or Terminal 

Edit Authority by Terminal

Allows manager to edit Authority(s) Settings via/by Terminal Settings in FleetWatcher. This is useful in cases where you dont want Managers (division or agent Managers) to be able to edit the Terminal but you do want to allow them to Add or Edit their Carrier and Operational Authority detail

Edit Fuel Purchases

Allows manager to edit Fuel Purcheses in FleetWatcher.

Edit Manual Mileage

Allows manager to edit Manuel Mileage in FleetWatcher.

Adjust Manual Mileage

Allows manager to adjust Manuel Mileage in FleetWatcher.

Edit Landmarks

Allows manager to edit Landmarks in FleetWatcher.

Edit Weigh Station Bypass

Allows manager to Administer Weigh Station Bypass (Drivewyze)

View DTVideo

Allows users to view and/or request DTVideo in FleetWatcher.

Role Level

Set manager Role Level in FleetWatcher.