No Communication


The unit is unable to communicate via cell and/or wifi.


If you can speak to the driver, try this: (If you know it is not a SIM CARD issue.)

  1. Check Connections to see if the antenna cables have come loose:
    1. Have the driver locate the TruckPC and verify the three coax cables are secure. (These are the only threaded cables attached to the TruckPC).
      1. They will be labeled GPS, CELL, and, WIFI respectively.
  2. Power down Unit Properly
    1. Have the driver log out of the device then press the power button
  3. Unplug Power: Once the unit has gone to a black screen, Unplug power or turn off Battery Kill Switch for 5 minutes then power it back on.
  4. Log on when asked to submit your Driver ID.
  5. Verify the antenna is more than 4 inches from the frame around the windshield.
  6. When possible, drive away from the current location, as it may be an area with a poor cell signal.
  7. Power down Unit Properly and Unplug Power: If this does not resolve the issue, turn the unit off properly by using the power button then unplug power or turn off Battery Kill Switch for 30 minutes.
  8. If this does not resolve the issue, please route into the shop for repairs.



Drivertech's Technical Support Line: 866-331-8785

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