Terminal Groups provide the Drivers Terminal for HOS, Authority Configuration, and Vehicle association for Hierarchical Reporting Groups

Configuration using the Web Portal

Please read the Multiple Operating Authority document which describes the features and how to configure for achieving your desired outcome

Synchronizing Changes with Devices

Changes will be automatically synchronized with ELDs upon the next communication received from the ELD




Name of this Terminal. 


Terminal Street Address. This is displayed on the driver's HOS log. 


Terminal City 


Terminal State 


Terminal Postal Code 


Terminal Phone Number 

Time Zone

Terminal Time Zone. This determines the display time on the Truck-PC for any driver assigned to this Terminal. 

Apply Daylight Savings

Applies daylight savings to the timezone when displaying time. 

Terminal Disabled

Disables Terminal. Users associated with the terminal will not be abled to log in.

Device Registration Code

Code to automatically assign a vehicle to a terminal.


The Company Group which this terminal is assigned also determines this Terminals place within a Hierarchical Reporting Group


The Operational Authorities which any Driver logging onto an ELD of a Vehicle assigned to this Terminal allowed to operate under.