WEB v4.20 

    • HOS - Schedule Off Duty:
      • Drivers are now able to Schedule Off Duty by entering logs in the future via the Driver Portal.
        Also, both Drivers and Managers can view the future logs via the Log Overview.
        - Check out the Log Overview - Schedule Off Duty
    • HOS - Log Overview now provides notification when a required 30 minute break was taken
      • Recording if a 30minute break was taken can be useful for payroll when Drivers page is based upon being OnDuty because the 30min break is an OffDuty status
    • HOS - Now supports two additional rule sets:
      • TX Intrastate with Oil Field Exemption
      • CA Passenger Carrying Exemption
    • HOS - ELD now provides a 'wizard' for Drivers maintenance of their Circle Of Service
    • HOS - Co-Drivers are now allowed to review their HOS Status while the Vehicle is in motion
    • Wifi Connection is being kept open to prevent disconnects

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