Weigh Station Bypass Administration provides ability for FleetWatcher users to administer their Drivewyze Fleet Account and Vehicles.

DriverTech implementation of Drivewyze currently includes Drivewyze PreClear features:

SEE the Weigh Station Bypass Overview page provides details about Drivewyze PreClear operation and features


In order to Edit the Drivewyze Account, Vehicles and Vehicle Images the Manager MUST be authorized for [Edit Weigh Station Bypass] Manager Role located in Management -> System Settings -> Manager Roles. Managers not authorized to [Edit Weigh Station Bypass] will only be able to view information.

Driver Training

Instructions and Video demonstration

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Cab Card Quick Reference Guide

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Drivewyze Account Configuration and Fleet Default Settings

Account Configuration

Account Configuration is is available only to authorized individuals at DriverTech for configuring service levels as per your billing agreement.
Fields which are available only to authorized DriverTech personnel include:

  • Account Name
  • Account Size
  • PreClear Florida Ag, Ontario and USA Configuration

Please contact your sales rep if you would like to see how much you can save with Drivewyze via an Analytics Trial!

Fleet Default Settings

Fleet Defaults can be changed by Managers assigned to the Manager Role of "Edit Drivewyze" and include the following fields:

  • Account Contact Name, Email and Phone
  • PreClear Florida Ag, Ontario and USA default service levels
  • Safety Risk Zone Alerts default service level
  • Vehicle Image

Vehicle Image Configuration 

A Vehicle Image is a picture of the Vehicle which is displayed for Weigh Station Officers to be able to visually identify a specific Vehicle as it either Bypasses or Pulls Into the POE

There are two types of Vehicle Image available for you to use

  1. Required: The Vehicle Image associated with your Drivewyze Account which is applied to all Vehicles by default
  2. Optional:  Additional Vehicle Images which can be applied to Vehicles which do not appear visually the same as the Default Vehicle Image

Pictures to use as a Vehicle Image should be taken
according to the following guidelines:

  • Should be a photo of an actual vehicle (or a reasonable representation of the vehicle).
  • Vehicle is shot at an angle that shows the front and side of tractor from passenger side.
  • Image includes an attached trailer, fleet logo and colors.
  • Photo is taken in good light with clear focus.
Example of Vehicle Placement in the picture (click to enlarge):

Adding Vehicle Images

Vehicle Images can be added in the following ways:

  1. The Default Vehicle Image added to your Drivewyze Account (required)
  2. Additional pictures added to the [Fleet Images] tab (optional)
    - Any Images that you have added will be available for selection when Adding or Bulk Adding Vehicles
    - Any Images which were added AFTER Vehicle(s) were added can be set by Editing each Vehicle desired

Editing Vehicle Images

Vehicle Images can be edited to change the name or image by clicking on the edit button to the right of the record.
Any Images which are Changed after being assigned to a Vehicle will automatically be applied to each Vehicle referencing said image.

Vehicle Configuration 

Using the page located at Management -> Weigh Station Bypass you can add Vehicles which currently exist in DriverTech to Drivewyze or Edit those which have already been configured.

Once a Vehicle is added to Drivewyze it cannot be removed but can have all services set to be 'inactive' achieving the same result. The reason for this is to ensure that Monthly Subscription counts will always be accurate.

Each Vehicle can be individually set to run a configured Drivewyze PreClear Feature at the following levels
PreClear Feature LevelIs Trial Enabled?Is Billing Enabled?
Subscriber X

Vehicle Options

Option NameEditableDetailNotes
NameNName of Vehicle assigned during Registration.
  • If re-registered under a new name, Drivewyze will be updated with the new name as well upon next Driver Logon
Identification NumberY

VIN obtained automatically from ECU by the ELD. If no VIN is shown you can update it here which will also update the core Vehicle record visible at Management -> Vehicle Administration

VIN or LICENCE detail is required to obtain bypasses

License PlateY

License Plate can be updated here which will also update the core Vehicle record

License Plate RegionY

License Plate Region can be updated here which will also update the core Vehicle record

ImageYVehicle Image displayed to Weigh Station Officials will automatially use the Fleet Default Image and allow you to optionally select another image as configured on the Images tab. See Vehicle Image Configuration above for more detail. 
BlacklistYBlacklisting a Vehicle causes the system to 'exclude' it from allowing any level of service and serves two main purposes:
  • Auto Onboard, Add or Bulk Add: Ensure that DriverTech Support and Sales ELDs are not 'Subscribed' to any Drivewyze Features when such an ELD is registered to your account or already exists and is included in "Bulk Addition of Vehicles to Drivewyze
  • Bulk Edit: Blacklising of a Vehicle will exclude it from any Bulk Edit operations so you can safely Subscribe all configured Vehicles without concern of Subscribing any Blacklisted Vehicles
PreClear (Florida AG, Ontario, Usa)YPreClear feature options will be enabled according to your account configuration. When a feature is enabled at a certain level, the appropriate options are allowed to be modified. Detail for Drivewyze PreClear and Safety notifications is available on the Weigh Station Bypass
Safety Risk ZonesY Safety Notifications for Risk Zones is a free option for PreClear USA Subscribed Vehicles
TranspondersY Selecting which Transponder(s) the Vehicle is also running allows Drivewyze to perform additional processing as needed when determining if a Bypass can be granted 

Adding Vehicles 

The following options will assist in your On-boarding and Management Strategy

Vehicles can be added in the following ways:

  1. Automatically using the Fleet Default Settings for PreClear and Transponders
    - This occurs when a Driver Logs onto an ELD and the Vehicle has not yet been configured for any Drivewyze features. The Vehicle will be added to Drivewyze using the Default PreClear features and Default Transponders which you have configured. 
  2. Manual addition of a Single vehicle or Bulk addition of many vehicles
    - Single vehicle addition is accomplished by clicking the [Add] button at the top right of the data grid on the Vehicles tab
    - Bulk vehicle addition is accomplished by clicking the [Bulk Add] button to the right of the the tabs
    - We recommend that an Audit is run after completing [Bulk Add] operations which involved a PreClear Subscription Level change to/from "Subscriber" as a double check even if no errors were reported
Strategy when Vehicles are Added to DrivewyzeDrivewyze ConfigurationDrivewyze Vehicle PreClear Configuration
Some PreClear Features Enabled
for Analytics or Subscriber

Fleet configured for

  1. Default PreClear Features set to the Subscription Level desired

Vehicle Pre-Configuration

  • Add any Vehicles which should have a different feature settings (or all features 'inactive')

Vehicle Post-Configuration

  • Modify any Vehicles which need a different feature settings
All PreClear Features Disabled

Fleet configured to

  1. Default PreClear Features are all "Inactive"

Editing Vehicles 

Vehicles can be edited after being added to Drivewyze in the following ways:

  1. One at a time by clicking on the [Edit] button to the left of the Vehicle record
  2. ALL at once using the [Bulk Edit] button at the right of the tabs
    - Note that [Bulk Edit] is meant only for changing PreClear Features and Transponder settings
    - We recommend that an Audit is run after completing [Bulk Edit] operations which involved a PreClear Subscription Level change to/from "Subscriber" as a double check even if no errors were reported

PreClear Feature Subscriptions and Billing

Each Drivewyze PreClear feature is billed per Vehicle when a Vehicle is set to 'Subscriber' for one or more Drivewyze PreClear Features under the following conditions:

  • Vehicle is set to a PreClear Feature as Subscriber for more than 20 hours within the month
  • Vehicle is set to a PreClear Feature as Subscriber at the end of the month
    • In this case there is no minimum number of hours to count as 'billable'
    • Month end is calculated at 5pm Mountain on the last day of the month

Subscriber Count Report

Subscription / Billable Count history is kept for 12 months. There are two places to view the Subscription Count by month:

  • count of all Vehicles across your organization Subscribed for each month and PreClear Feature via the [Subscriptions] tab
  • Individual Vehicle Subscription History by month is also available when clicking the [+] on the Vehicle record on the [Vehicles] tab


Audit provides a way to confirm that Vehicle Configuration of DriverTech and Drivewyze are in sync for

  • Vehicle Existence
  • Vehicle PreClear feature configuration

It is recommended to run an audit

  • Periodically (weekly or monthly depending upon the number of changes you are making)
  • After performing a [Bulk add] or [Bulk Edit] operation
  • If any error was displayed after performing an [Add], [Bulk add] or [Bulk Edit] operation

Running an Audit is meant to be performed as a 'two pass process', being

  • First Run is only for reporting allowing you to confirm if any discrepancies exist
  • Second Run to [Fix Discrepancies] should be run only if discrepancies are reported, after reviewing the discrepancies.
    • When [Fix Discrepancies] is selected the system will automatically perform another Audit after correcting any issues found and report the final result.
      • In the unlikely event that either some discrepancies still exist or new ones are found, simply repeat this step to [Fix Discrepancies] again until no discrepancies are reported



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