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Can Not See Driver in FW



The driver is unable to be found under the "Drivers" report in FleetWatcher


  1. Go to Management > Reporting Groups.
  2. Click on "Driver Group" (if not already selected).
  3. Find what reporting group the driver is under, and verify you are a manager of that reporting group.
    1. To find the groups you have access to-
      1. Go to management
      2. Reporting Groups
      3. Click on the magnifying glass and select the group you want to have access to
      4. Click "Get Results"
      5. Click "Managers"
      6. Verify that your name is in the list
  4. Add the driver to a reporting group you are a manager of (drivers can be in multiple reporting groups, not just one) OR add yourself (Manager) to the group the driver is in.
  5. Log out of FleetWatcher after completing the above.
  6. Press "F5" button on your keyboard, then log back into FleetWatcher.
  7. Verify the issue is resolved, and please call in to technical support if not.

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