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How-to Create DVIR

Step-by-step guide

While a pre-trip inspection is required to be performed by the driver every time they go On-Duty - Beginning of Shift, a DVIR is not required if no defects were found during the inspection.

For On-Duty instructions. Click Here

  1. The driver is able to Add a DVIR at any time by opening HOS 

    • Tap on the HOS button from the Menu
    • Then select “Options > DVIR"
    • Add DVIR.”
    • Enter a trailer number if necessary, then Submit
    • When you start a DVIR, it will ask if any defects were found during the inspection. If so, press “Yes
    • Enter Locaion, Defect, Remarks. Then Add
    • This step will ask you where the defect is located, and a description of the defect itself. You can also add additional remarks about the defect
    • After choosing “Location”, select where the defect is located. Here we will be selecting “Truck Exterior”. Click on Add
    • Once the defect is added and there are no more defects to submit, touch No
    • After you press “Submit”, you will then be able to view the status and DVIR in the “List” tab for the current day’s log

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