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JBUS Locked Up



The JBUS is no longer being recognized or is not recording ECM Data(aka. Engine Data).


  1. Turn the truck ignition off.
  2. Log out of the DriverTech unit.
  3. Press and hold the power button.    
  4. Once the unit has gone to a black screen, wait 30 seconds then power it back on.
  5. Log in with your Driver Code.
  6. Touch the System Info button then the Diagnostics tab then the JBUS tab.
  7. Turn on the truck Engine and wait 2 minutes.
  8. You may see this message, -JBUS Data present, missing parameters -. This is an acceptable message.
  9. You should see the RPM field changing, if you do, the unit is most likely working properly.
  10. To confirm, run a JBUS audit.
  11. If everything on the screen is properly reporting, the issue is resolved.

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