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The unit's GPS is not functioning correctly.


  1. Check connections to see if the antenna cables have come loose:
    1. Have the driver locate the TruckPC and verify the three coax cables are secure. (These are the only threaded cables attached to the TruckPC).
  2. If the truck is equipped with an indoor antenna, review the installation guidelines and ensure that the antenna is a minimum of 4 inches from the metal frame around the window, if it is not shop techs will need to move it further away.
  3. Have the driver log out of the device.
    1. Press the power button                        
    2. Once the unit has gone to a black screen, wait 30 seconds then power it back on.
    3. Log on when asked to submit your Driver ID.
  4. Check to see if GPS locations are now accurate in DriverTech's system.
  5. Check to make sure Copilot shows an accurate GPS by checking your position on the map.
  6. If the Driver is in a low GPS area, for example next to a building, have driver move the vehicle to a different location.
  7. If the above steps have not resolved the issue, we can conclude that this is a GPS Hardware issue and will need to be routed to a shop.

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