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How does unassigned driving work?



  • Unassigned Driving occurs when driving occurs on the vehicle without anyone being logged in.
  • The Unassigned driving segment will be sent into FleetWatcher once the Driving segment has been completed.
  • Once the driving segment reaches FleetWatcher, it is put in the Unassigned Driving Report.
  • Once in the report, the Unassigned Driving segment on the unit will send information once a driver has answered the question (which appears as a pop-up window on the unit).
  • The answer to the question will determine what happens to the Driving Segment that is already in FleetWatcher.
  • If the driver answers "Yes" to the question FleetWatcher will then place that segment into the driver's logs under the drive-line.
  • If the driver answers "No" to the question the unit will continue to ask the question to any other drivers who log-in to the unit.
  • If the driver cancels the question then the driver will continue to be asked the question for the canceled segment every time to the driver enters HOS.



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