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How-to End Your Duty Day (Text Version)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Ending your shift is accomplished by touching "Off-duty" or Sleeper berth" from the "US-8" or "Logs" tab.
  2. Touch "End of Shift" 

  3. If you need to enter a post-trip inspection (DVIR), touch "Yes" when asked "Enter Driver Vehicle Inspection Report?"
  4. For instructions on entering a DVIR, Click Here
  5. Confirm Off-duty or Sleeper Berth, and end of shift, by touching "Submit".
  6. If your logs are correct and up to date, press "Yes" on the following screen. If not, press "No".
  7. Your duty day has now ended and your log for the day is certified.
  8. If you need to go back on-duty after ending and certifying your day, you may select "On-Duty" from the HOS screen and touch "Yes"


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