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Why does my unit not ask me to fill out a DVIR when I go Off-Duty End of Shift? 


The TruckPC will not ask for a DVIR when selecting 'Post Trip' or 'End of Shift' if there is already a DVIR that has not been reviewed.

To check if there is a DVIR that has not been reviewed, follow these steps:

  • Open HOS
  • Go to "Options" Tab
  • Select "DVIR"
  • If there is a DVIR listed in the box that does NOT have a checkmark on the left-hand side, open the DVIR
  • Review DVIR and certify when completed

After the DVIR has been reviewed and certified, the unit will then ask if you would like to fill out a DVIR the next time you go Off-Duty and select "End of Shift" or "Post Trip"  




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