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How often does the HOS log graph and Events and Positions update?





Events and Positions and HOS update at different times.


Events and Positions updates with (most common triggers):


• Pings from a FleetWatcher user

• Location updates (20 minutes)

• Downloaded/uploaded files

• Device logon/logoff

• Speeding alerts

• Device power on/power off


HOS is updated either every 6 hours, or with certain triggers. These triggers are:


• Log certification

• Violations

• Manual upload from HOS -> Options -> Submit HOS Logs from the device

• “Get HOS” button in FleetWatcher

• "Request Current Log" from "Admin" from within the Driver's graph on FleetWatcher


Keep in mind that the Totals Box on the Vehicle/Driver info page, and the HOS Logs Overview page are updated when Events and Positions updates. The Totals Box will give you an up to date picture of the driver's current HOS totals, as well as tell you when the last time the totals were updated.


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