Provides summary and detail of Landmark Geofence Entry, Duration and Exit Events


Landmark Events will only be generated from ELD running v6.06+

Grid Layout

Landmark Events Summary Row & Individual Event Row

The Landmark Events grid is made up of the main 'Parent' Events Summary Rows and the sub-grid 'Child' Individual Event Rows (see image above).

Summary Row:

The parent Summary Row contains the summary information of a particular Landmark for the entirety of time spent inside the Landmark.

Individual Event Row(s):

The child Individual Event Row(s) contain the single event that triggered on the parent Landmark. There are 4 main individual event types:

  •  Landmark Entry Event
  • Landmark Exit Event
  •   Day Split - Time crossed the midnight boundary of the day while inside the Landmark
  •  Detention - Landmark Detention Event triggered 

Customize Columns

Many columns are sort-able, see image instructions below on how to further customize the columns:

Reorder, Add and/or Remove any columns on the Summary Rows by click on the 'Columns' button


Reorder, Add and/or Remove any columns on the Individual Event Rows by click on the '' button