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This Glossary is designed to help describe, understand terms and, acronyms used in the Technical Support website.


Add - Inserting a new HOS status onto your HOS logs.

Aeris - A cellular provider.

Audit - To review HOS logs. Typically by a Department of Transportation representative.



Backlight - Keeps the display lit for drivers and users to be able to use the unit at all times of the day

Bootup - Startup - The act of the unit powering on and starting from an "off" state.



Change - To adjust/edit a log.

Conversion - Updating a unit to receive cellular service from a new provider.

Create - To insert a new status.



Detect - Also, Auto Detect, A function of the ELD recognizing that driving has started or stopped driving.

Displayscreen, touch screen, monitor - The touchscreen of the unit.

Drive - The act of driving as logged by the ELD on the HOS logs.

Driving - For Vehicle and Driver Performance: Vehicle is deemed to be driving after it has been at rest and vehicle has moved a 1/2 mile. For HOS: Vehicle is deemed to be driving after it has been at rest and vehicle has moved the distance specified as 'Minimum Drive Distance' in the Web Portal (defaults to 1/10th mile).

DTScan - Application used in order to use a portable scanner with the TruckPC.



Email - Electronic mail sent to and from the device. Each driver has hers/his own email address assigned to their Driver Code.

Enforcement - Typically a Department of Transportation representative.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Featureset - The features and adjustable settings as defined by the company.

Froze - Crash - The display and unit will not respond to any commands. The screen remains stagnant.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Typically to store files on the ELD via the Library for reference at a later date.

Fuel - The ELD keeps mutiple pieces of information on the consumption 



HD100 - A type of ELD used to keep track of HOS - Smaller black device used with a separately bought display. Display not included.

HOS - Hours of Service - This is used to keep track of the driver's logs and all log calculations are done on the ELD.

How To Article - How To - An article that provides step by step instructions on how to complete a task or function in the ELD software.



Idle - Vehicle is deemed to be Idling when both the Ignition is ON and Engine RPM is more than 0. Idle is included in various reports such as Trip Detail and Alerts can be configured in Settings for Vehicle Groups within the Portal.

Intelliroute - Mapping software on the unit provided by Rand McNally



KB How To Article - An article detailing how to perform a certain function with or related to the TPC.

KB Troubleshooting Article - A troubleshooting article designed to assist drivers and shop technicians in identifying and correcting issues.

Kernel - A base level of software that directs the system controller.



Law - A rule or regulation that has been set in place by FMCSA or other Authorities for drivers

Library - Application on the unit for multimedia (i.e videos, pdf, etc.)

Library Sync - This is a feature that will automatically happen when the unit is connected to Wi-Fi and there are new files to Sync to the library on the unit

Line - Status line. As in: the drive line, the on-duty line, or the off-duty line.

Log(s)* - Typically referring to the driver's HOS logs. Can alternatively refer to information stored on the Truck PC or data compiled and stored in FleetWatcher.



MCT - TPC, TruckPC - ELD used to keep track of HOS.

Message - An email sent to or from the ELD.

Messaging - The function of the ELD that handles emails and workflow.

Modem - Hardware in the TPC that provides and regulates cellular and WiFi signals.

Movement - Detected motion of the truck by the ELD.



Officer - DOT/Law Enforcement Officer - An officer allowed to inspect a driver's logs to confirm that they are staying compliant with all FMCSA and driving rules and regulations

On-Duty - The status of the driver whenever they are working or driving.



Patch - A software update that upgrades, fixes or, changes existing software on the unit.

Plan - Setting group determined by your company. Typically in reference to navigation programs.

Power - All devices are utilizes a 12 volt system. A unit that is "powered-up" is considered to be "on" while a "powered-down" unit is "off".



Roadside - Used in reference to being in the act of being pulled over by law enforcement. Also, Roadside Audit, which is the mode all drivers are strongly recommended to be in when pulled over.



Scanning - Function of the scanner hardware and scanning software on the ELD to scan images.

Screen - touch screen, display, monitor - The touch screen of the unit

Sensor - A device that detects and records data.

Settings - TPC options configurable by the company via FleetWatcherUser Configurable to change how specific features on the unit works

Sprint - Cell provider for the cellular communication on the unit

Startup - Bootup -  The act of the unit powering on and starting from an "off" state.



Time - This time is showing the time of the terminal this unit is assigned to

Timers - Timers that keep track of hours and countdown before the driver goes into violation

TND - ELD used to keep track of HOS

Touchscreen - Display - The interactive display of the TPC unit.

TPC/TruckPC - ELD used to keep track of HOS



USB - Universal Serial Bus - This is the type of port used to connect external devices



Volume - The sound level of the audio coming from the unit's speakers.



Xerox - A company that produces scanners that may be used with some ELD devices.



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