Question: How does the TruckPC detect driving?



  1. The TruckPC senses when the wheels are rolling. When it senses driving, it marks the time that the driving started, but it doesn't display it until the driver drives the minimum required miles (configurable). Once it hits that minimum mile mark, the TruckPC puts the driver on the drive line at the time the wheels originally started moving. (i.e. If you start driving at 12:00, and reach the minimum required miles at 12:05, the TruckPC will put you on the drive line at 12:00)
  2. When the wheels stop moving, the TruckPC marks it internally in memory without displaying it or moving the driver off the drive line until 5 minutes have elapsed. This is to prevent the TruckPC from going to On-duty every time the driver stops at a light or stop sign. Once the 5 minutes have elapsed, the system marks the time that the wheels stopped moving as "On-Duty" on the driver's log.
  3. There is a "driver lockout" period of 10 seconds (this is configurable on the Web Portal by in office personnel) where the driver cannot change his status after the wheels have stopped moving. In other words, if the driver stops moving at 12:00:00 he is locked out until 12:00:10.


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