Question: How does the Truck PC (ELD) go to Off-Duty automatically?


  • Once the truck's tires stop rolling, the ELD will detect that stop.
  • After 5 minutes, the ELD will display a pop-up, "Are you still driving?"
  • If you answer No, the ELD will set an On-Duty status time-stamp at the time the tires stopped rolling 5 minutes ago. 
  • If you answer Yes, the ELD will keep you on Driving status until you set a different status yourself. 
  • If you don't answer at all after 1 minute, the ELD will assume an On-Duty status starting at the time the tires stopped rolling. 
  • IMPORTANT: During that interim 5 minutes, if you manually change your status to Off-Duty, the ELD will revert back and set an Off-Duty status time-stamp at the time the tires stopped rolling.

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