Q: I am unable to send or receive messages on my TruckPC. What do I do? 



  • In order to send or receive messages on your device, you must be subscribed to either the Basic Plan or the Enterprise Plan.
  • If you are subscribed to either plan, and are unable to send and receive messages:
  • Check communications: Check to see if the cell icon has a Circle/Line (  ) through it in the bottom right corner next to the time clock. If so, this indicates the TruckPC is NOT communicating. 
  • If there is no Circle/Line through the icon and still unable to send or receive messages, please call into Technical Support for further troubleshooting: 866-331-8785
  • Restart the device: Restart the device by first logging off, then pressing the Power button to shut off the device. Once the device has been shut off, press the Power button again. This will cause the device to reset and reconnect.

    Drivertech's Technical Support Line: 866-331-8785




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