Q: Why are my State Miles Showing on the Wrong Date?


State Crossing report shows events that occurred in the timezone based on the company group that the truck is assigned

To check for this:

  1. Verify the timezone of the Terminal Group that the driver is assigned to
    1. This will determine the time and date on the driver's logs
  2. Verify the timezone of the Company Group that the driver is assigned to
    1.  This will determine the time and date of the State Crossing Report
  3. Create a breadcrumb trail for the truck using the mapping tool with the timezone of the company group the truck is assigned to
  4. If the newly created breadcrumb trail shows a State Crossing that does NOT show up on the Report, please call in to Technical Support: 866-331-8785

Drivertech's Technical Support Line: 866-331-8785


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