What do I, as a new customer, need to do in order to setup my FleetWatcher account?



You should complete the following within FleetWatcher to ensure that your company is setup properly:

  • Administrator setup
    • The initial Administrator login/profile will be setup by DriverTech and provided to you.
    • This will act as your master user account for FleetWatcher
  • Manager setup
    • Setup any additional manager profiles
    • This can be done via Management -> Managers -> Add
  • Company Setup
    • Setup your company groups through Management -> System Settings -> Company Groups 
  • Terminal Setup
    •  Setup your company terminal through Management -> System Settings -> Terminal Groups
    • Make sure that all fields are completed, and that the Terminal is assigned to a Company Group
  • Driver Groups  
    • Setup your driver groups through Management -> System Settings -> Driver Groups
  • Vehicle Groups
    • Setup your vehicle groups through Management -> System Settings -> Vehicle Groups
  • Vehicle Type Groups
    • Setups your vehicle type groups through Management -> System Settings -> Vehicle Type Groups
  • Global Email Alerts
    • Setup global email alerts through Management -> System Settings -> Global Email Alerts
    • You can set up email alerts for Reporting Groups for individual managers through Management > Managers
  • Driver Setup
    • Create driver profiles through Management -> Drivers
    • You can assign the driver group and terminal for the driver through this setup page
  • Vehicle Setup
    • Vehicles will be registered through the ELD once the ELD has been installed into the vehicle.
  • Reporting Groups
    • You can setup reporting groups for drivers and vehicles through Management -> Reporting Groups
    • You can assign drivers and managers to multiple driver reporting groups as needed
      • Vehicles and managers can likewise be assigned to multiple vehicle reporting groups as needed
  • Ifta Tax Reports
  • Vehicle/Driver Info
  • Compliance > Log Overview
  • DT Mobile

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