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  1. To create a route in DTNav select NEW ADDRESS on the main DTNav screen. 

  2. Enter the City and State
    • As you enter in the city the search will narrow and remove letters that will not result in a valid address.  
    • The example below demonstrates how the entry options are limited once you enter "SPR".
    • You can press the SYM button to get Symbol characters such as a comma.  
    • If there are more than 3 states with the same City you can use the list button to scroll through all of the remaining options.
    • Once you see the correct City and State select it to move on to the next step

  3. Enter the Building number.

  4. Enter the Street Name.
    • Entry options will be narrowed down just like when entering in a city name until only the remaining options are left to select.
    • Some addresses have a street number as the name for example 415 N 500 W.  
    • In these cases you would enter cross street number (500 in this example) for the building number. 
    • This will give the option to select the cardinal directions.
    • You will need to use the SYM button to enter the number for the street name.

  5. Confirm the destination by Pressing GO

  6. Select the route you would like to take to reach your destination.

  7. You can now set your preferred view to Turn By Turn, Trip Summary, Highway View or Summary Map when you press the view button.