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Why do I see events from other trucks on my log today?


The FMCSA mandates that events from ALL vehicles that you have logged into over the past 8 days be shown on your log for today.

These events include all malfunction and diagnostic event records that are logged for these trucks, as well as unassigned driving. The relevant FMCSA articles are:,,,, and These articles are listed below.

Here are the items we used to interpret why we are adding Events to a Driver's logs from a previous vehicle: User List: This segment must list all drivers and codrivers with driving time records on the most recent CMV operated by the inspected driver and motor carrier’s support personnel CMV List: This segment must list each CMV that the current driver operated and that has been recorded on the driver’s ELD records within the time period for which this file is generated. A change in driver's duty-status 1 An intermediate log   2 A change in driver's indication of: Personal Uses (Personal Conveyance) Yard Moves of this appendix that have an annotation, comment, or a manual entry of location description by the driver. Event Annotations, Comments, and Driver’s Location Description This segment must list only the elements of the ELD event list created in section Malfunction and Diagnostic Event Records This segment must list all malfunctions that have occurred on this ELD during the time period for which this file is generated.

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