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Why can't I add a status when I stop driving?


You are not allowed to use the Add button while still being considered in a Driving status.

The reason why the driver is still in driving:

  • After a driver stops driving or when the tires have stopped rolling, the device will detect no motion and mark the time when motion stopped. The device will wait 6 minutes (FMCSA guideline) before reverting back to the time motion stopped, if there is no interaction from the driver, and take the driver off of the drive line at that time. Something to note, the time the driver would have stopped driving will be 6 minutes ago which is the actually the time the wheels stopped rolling.


What should the driver do after they stop driving:

  • They have 2 preferred choices-
  1. Allow the device to take the driver off the drive line after a 6 minute period
  2. Go to the quick buttons and choose the status they would like to be on as soon as they stop driving.
  • Quick buttons are located on the US-8, Logs, and Options tabs in the HOS app.