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What triggers an even that is recorded by the camera?


Here is the information on our DTVideo event recording camera. 

Event Triggers:

  1. Deceleration Event- Based on the settings that the customer configures- usually 9MPH decrease over a 1 second period.
  2. Stability Event – Determines when a vehicle is rocking from side to side.
  3. Single press of the Red button while driving or parked.

Once the event is triggered:

  1. The Camera will record the last 8 seconds and the next 8 seconds worth of video and immediately send it over cell, if configured for cell communications.
  2. The video will be stored on the website for 30 days, but is available for unlimited downloads.
  3. Along with this video, you will receive a second by second record of all parameters needed in order to recreate the drivers actions for the 60 seconds prior to the event and 30 seconds after. Some of the data that will be recorded with the event is listed below:

Seconds To/from Event, RPM, Speed, GPS Speed, Throttle Position, Cruise, Clutch, Brake Position, Stability Control, Distance, Bearing, GPS Location

  1. You will also be able to download a PDF or Excel version of the event.