The Compliance application is the core of Rand McNally's electronic driver logs solution, allowing you to keep all of your Hours of Service and DVIR records accurate, up-to-date, and in one easy-to-access location for the required 6-month period, without the mistakes and hassle of paper log books. 

The Compliance application enables you to manage HOS logs, DVIR entries, personal conveyance usage (if enabled), and more.

Note: All times listed next to driver entries in Compliance reports correspond to the time zone of the terminal to which the driver is assigned.

  • HOS Quick Reference Guide and ELD Instruction Sheet
  • Roadside EnforcementProvides ability for the Drivers last 8 days to be provided to Enforcement when operating as AOBR or ELD
  • Enforcement Request HistoryProvides history and detail of Hos Logs which have been sent to the FMCSA in Standard Output format
  • Current TotalsThe Current Totals report displays current HOS duty status totals, for a selected driver or driver group and intended for use in Dispatch
  • Log OverviewThe Log Overview provides HOS duty status totals and daily log graphs. The report can be run for a selected driver, driver group, or all drivers.
  • Log DetailsHOS Log detail for a Driver on a specific Day.
  • Personal ConveyanceWhen permitted by the fleet, reports on use of vehicle for personal conveyance.
  • Personal UseWhen permitted by the fleet, reports on use of vehicle for personal use.
  • Request DataThe Request Data feature ensures that you the most recent log data for a driver appears across the various Compliance reports in the Portal.
  • Unassigned DrivingThe Unassigned Driving report provides information on HOS drive time that has not yet been attributed to a specific driver. The Unassigned Driving report can be run for a selected vehicle or vehicle group.
  • Uncertified LogsThe Uncertified Logs report displays the last certified log and most recent duty status totals for any drivers with uncertified logs.
  • Vehicle Inspectionprovides all Vehicle Inspection Report entries made on the in-cab unit
  • ViolationsThe Violations report provides the number and type of current log violations, as well as all violations recorded in the selected time interval and the alerts generated for these violations. The report also displays any logs with missing trip details such as trailer number or load number. The Violations report can be run for a selected driver or driver group.
  • Emergency DeclarationThe Emergency Declaration allows a Driver to perform as much work as required without incurring Violations
  • Export LogThe Export Log feature enables you to download a PDF, email or fax logs of a specified driver.